Initial setup

In this article: How to install the browser extension on your computer.                   

1. Requirements

First, you should have a desktop version of SafeInCloud installed on your computer.

SafeInCloud for Windows 10

SafeInCloud for Windows 7 & 8

SafeInCloud for Mac

Note: There are no desktop app versions for Linux and Chromebooks, hence it’s not possible to use the browser extension there.

2. Installation

To enable autofill in your browser, install SafeInCloud browser extension. Follow one of these links and install the extension.

For Google Chrome

For Firefox

For Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

For Opera

For Safari
The extension is installed automatically as a part of SafeInCloud app for Mac. To see it, select in the menu: Safari > Preferences > Extensions.

3. Result

After the installation you should see SafeInCloud icon on the toolbar of your browser.