Cloud database location

In this article: Where the cloud database is located.                

The cloud synchronization stores your data in an encrypted and password protected file named SafeInCloud.db. This file is located in your own cloud account. SafeInCloud has no own servers and does not store your data. The location of this file depends on your cloud:

Google Drive

File location: /SafeInCloud.db
Web address:


File location: /Apps/Safe In Cloud/SafeInCloud.db
Web address:


File location: /Apps/SafeInCloud Password Manager/SafeInCloud.db
Web address:

It’s not possible to open the cloud database file directly (by clicking on it), because it’s encrypted. To access your data from a computer (Windows or Mac), install a free desktop app from:

Do not move or rename SafeInCloud.db file. The app won’t be able to find your cloud database then.

Tip: There is no option to config the file location at the moment, but it’s planned for the future.