Subscription plans

In this article: Subscription plans details available in SafeInCloud generation 2.                                                                         


SafeInCloud generation 2 Premium uses a subscription model and has 2 subscription types that allow you to use the full functionality of the application, including multi-database support.

There are:

  • Individual - this type of subscription offers a license for only 1 user
  • Family - this type of subscription offers a license for 6 users, with the ability to edit members from the owner user account (see details in Family management)

Subscription has monthly, annual, or lifetime plans for purchasing (!NB Lifetime is available for Individual subscription only). 

The subscription purchase screen appears on the first start of the application, if the current subscription has expired, but is also available under Settings > Premium > Choose subscription (for details, see Premium settings).

See Purchase and restore Premium for information on how to purchase and restore Premium, and how to activate family licenses.

!NB The information provided in this article does not apply to the SafeInCloud original versions of the application.