How to fix cloud sync

In this article: How to setup the cloud synchronization with a cloud.                                                                         

Solution #1

If you have a problem with the cloud sync on some device or computer, try to 
-    Check the Internet connection;
-    Open Settings -> Databases
-    Choose the database with the synchronization error;
-    Open Configure cloud;
-    Switch the cloud sync to None;
-    Restart the device (optional);
-    Switch it back to your cloud and reauthenticate.

The problem might be on the cloud service’s side, then try again a few hours later. You may also try using another cloud instead.

Tip: To get more information about the problem, open Settings and then choose About. To see the log, press the icon in the upper right corner.

 After that, the cloud synchronization log will be shown. 

Solution #2

If you have a problem syncing data between your devices and computers, then execute the following steps on all your devices:

-    Update SafeInCloud app to the latest version on all your devices;
-    Open Configure cloud settings and switch the cloud sync to None on all your devices;
-    Make sure that SafeInCloud has the same password on all your devices;
-    Restart all your devices (optional);
-    Configure the same cloud account in the Cloud Sync settings on all your devices.

Tip: If you cannot login into SafeInCloud (“wrong password” error), enter any password 3 times and choose to Delete the local data. Then restore your data from a cloud.

Solution #3

In some rare case you might need to “refresh” your cloud database. Move the cloud database file (SafeInCloud.db) from its standard location to someplace else. 

Information about the cloud database location can be found here

Then perform the sync from the app. This will recreate the cloud database.