Register new account

In this article: How to register a new website account and save it to the SafeInCloud database.

If you need to register a new account on some website, navigate to a registration form on this site. Press SafeInCloud icon on the browser’s toolbar.

The extension popup will appear with a password request. Enter your password.

First, the extension will try to find login and password for this website in the SafeInCloud database. If it fails to find these data, the Add Account form will be shown.

Fill the Login and Password fields and press the Add button.

The extension will autofill these login and password into the registration form on the website.

And it will also create a card for this website in the SafeInCloud database under Web Accounts label.

Note: For this functionality to work you have to unlock SafeInCloud application at least once (directly or via the extension) after it was started.