How to autofill extra fields

In this article: Autofill additional fields in web login forms.                                       


On some websites you might need to autofill one or several additional fields inside a login form. This can be a contract number, a company division, or a bank branch. To do so, start SafeInCloud app and edit a card for such a website. Press the Add another field button and select the Text type.

Enter the name of the new field. This name must exactly match the one displayed on the web page (see Troubleshooting below for an alternative option).

Then press the Autofill icon on the toolbar. In the appeared Autofill dialog select the Extra type for this field. Also make sure that the other fields have correct autofill attributes, and the Use for Autofill checkbox is selected.

Next time, the browser extension will autofill this field on the web page, along with the login and password fields.


Note: You should have both the application and the browser extension version 21.0 or higher. If not, update them to the latest versions.

If the extension still does not autofill a specified extra field, try renaming this field by the id or the name attribute of the appropriate HTML input element. To know these values, right-click the input field on the browser, and select Inspect. You will see the selected input with its id and name attributes at the Elements tab of the Inspector window.

Use one of them to rename the extra field in the app.