Basic usage

In this article: How to use the browser extension on your computer.     

1. Requirements

Make sure that SafeInCloud desktop app is installed and running on your computer (in the background).

Tip: You don’t need to unlock the app, just make sure it’s running.

Tip: Get the desktop app for Windows or Mac for free from

2. Usage

Navigate to some webpage with login and/or password input fields in your browser.

Press SafeInCloud icon on the browser’s toolbar. The extension popup will appear with a password request. Enter your password.

If there are several cards in SafeInCloud database for this website, then the extension will offer you to select one from the list. 

The list contains cards, whose Website fields match the address in the browser. The exact match is not required. They only have to have the same domain, e.g. matches

Finally, the extension will autofill the login and password input fields.

Note: You can autofill not only logins and passwords, but also bank card forms. See Bank cards.

3. Troubleshooting

If the autofill failed on some website, make sure that you have a card for this website in SafeInCloud database and it has enabled the Use for Autofill checkbox. This card must have non-empty Login, Password and Website fields.

These fields should also have correct autofill attributes. They are usually assigned automatically, but you can check them by pressing the Autofill icon on the toolbar of the Edit Card window.