Error: SafeInCloud application is not running

If you have this error, firstly, press Start SafeInCloud button on the pop-up. If it doesn't help, try one of the following solutions.                          

Solution #1

Make sure that you have SafeInCloud desktop app installed and running.

Tip: You do not need to unlock the app. It just has to be running in the background.

Tip: Get the desktop app for Windows or Mac for free from

Solution #2

Make sure that your proxy settings set to bypass the local addresses.

On Windows
-    Open Internet Options in the Control Panel;
-    Select the Connections tab;
-    Press the LAN settings button;
-    Check Bypass proxy server for local addresses (if this setting is enabled).

On Mac
-    Open Network in the System Preferences;
-    Press the Advanced… button;
-    Select the Proxies tab;
-    Add *.local to the Bypass proxy settings edit field.

Solution #3

Try to clear browser cache first. Then, try to temporary disable all other 3rd party extensions in your browser. If the problem is solved, then turn them on one-by-one to identify an extension that causes the error. Usually these are extensions related to VPN, ad-blocking, or privacy protection. Add an exception for localhost:19756 in the options of this extension. This is the port that SafeInCloud uses for the communication.


Some issues with launching the app observed in the latest version of Brave browser. To resolve it, you should add @@http://localhost:19756/ in Custom filters under brave://adblock/.