Error: SafeInCloud application is not running

If you have this error, try one of the following solutions.                          

Solution #1

Make sure that you have SafeInCloud desktop app installed and running.

Tip: You do not need to unlock the app. It just has to be running in the background.

Tip: Get the desktop app for Windows or Mac for free from

Solution #2

Make sure that your proxy settings set to bypass the local addresses.

On Windows
-    Open Internet Options in the Control Panel;
-    Select the Connections tab;
-    Press the LAN settings button;
-    Check Bypass proxy server for local addresses (if this setting is enabled).

On Mac
-    Open Network in the System Preferences;
-    Press the Advanced… button;
-    Select the Proxies tab;
-    Add *.local to the Bypass proxy settings edit field.

Solution #3

Try to temporary disable all other 3rd party extensions in your browser. If the problem is solved, then turn them on one-by-one to identify an extension that causes the error. Usually these are extensions related to VPN, ad-blocking, or privacy protection. Add an exception for localhost:19756 in the options of this extension. This is the port that SafeInCloud uses for the communication.