How to change the database password

In this article: How to change the password from your database.



To change your password from the main or extra database, go to Settings > Databases > (Name of the database) and then select Change password (on desktop select Options > Databases > (Name of the database) > Actions > Change password in the menu). Select this setting, then enter the current password to confirm your identity. Finally, enter and confirm a new password.

Attention! After changing your password on one device you should manually set the same passwords on all SafeInCloud app instances installed on other devices and computers. Until then they will accept the old password and the cloud synchronization will not work properly.



Tip #1: If you do not remember the password from the database, but can enter SafeInCloud with the Biometric login, then you will be able to set a new password using biometrics instead of entering the current password.

Tip #2: The password for the extra database is saved in the main database in a separate card after it is created. If you do not remember the password from the extra database, you can remember it by this card.

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