Cloud sync with another cloud

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SafeInCloud allows to connect Network-attached storages (NAS) and other clouds, which support the WebDAV protocol.

Go to Settings > Cloud Sync. Here is also an option called Another cloud (via WebDAV).

Select a desired cloud account from the list or use the Custom option if your cloud is not listed.

By selecting a pre-defined cloud common settings will be set automatically. You should fill the rest empty fields according to your personal cloud settings as User name, Password. For the Custom option, all fields should be filled in manually.

If cloud requires to specify WebDAV network folder location, fill Local path field and check if the outcome URL under the field is correct.

In some cases, it can also require inserting a user name in the host.

Attention! Some clouds (e.g., Yandex.Disk) require configuring a special password to allow access via WebDAV. You should check it before configuring authentication options.