I forgot my main password

In this article: What can be done if you forgot your main password.    

!NB Recommendations from this article is applicable only if you forgot your password from the main database

If you forgot your extra database password, see this article.

Solution #1

If you can enter SafeInCloud with biometrics on any of your devices or computers, then go to the app’s Settings > Databases > Main database and then set a new password via Change password (on desktop select Options > Databases > Main Database > Actions > Change password in the menu). Sync the data with the new password to a cloud. This will set the new password to the cloud database.

On other devices, where you cannot enter SafeInCloud app do the following:
-    Enter any password 3 times;
-    Choose to delete the local database;
-    Restore your data from the cloud database;
-    Enter SafeInCloud with the new password.

Solution #2

If you’ve changed your password recently and still remember the old password, then you may try to roll back your database to the state, when it had that old password. For this, you should use the file-versioning system of your cloud. The location of the cloud database file depends on your cloud.

Information about the cloud database location can be found here

Try the following steps:
-    Open a web browser and locate your cloud database file (SafeInCloud.db);
-    Right-click the file to open its context menu and select Version history (or Manage versions);
-    Download a file version that had the old password, which you still remember;
-    Start SafeInCloud app (better on a desktop version);
-    Enter any password 3 times;
-    Choose to delete the local database;
-    Create a new database and set any password;
-    Select Options > Databases > Actions > Restore from the menu of the desktop app (or on a mobile device Settings > Databases, choose the required database and then select Restore);
-    Choose the downloaded file;
-    After the restoration, try entering with the old password;
-    If the password is wrong, try another file version from the history. 

Solution #3

Try remembering your password. Try all your common passwords. Try different variations of them. Try again tomorrow. Take counsel of your pillow. 

There are no other solutions. For security reasons, your password is not stored anywhere. And there is no way to reset or restore it, or to access your data without the password.

If still cannot remember your password, then the only way forward is erasing all the data and starting over:
-    Delete the cloud database (see its location above);
-    Enter any password 3 times;
-    Choose to delete the local database;
-    Create a new database and set a new password.