Sharing extra databases

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!NB Functional described in the article is available only in SafeInCloud generation 2 with active Premium, but not in SafeInCloud original.
See information on how to get Premium access here: Purchase and restore Premium

Extra databases can be used by several family members or work colleagues.
To use extra databases by several users, it is recommended to create a separate cloud account (e.g. a free account on Google). A cloud account is needed to store a shared database file and sync data between devices.

To add an extra database to another user, you must provide the cloud account credentials (username and password), as well as the name of the extra database and its master password.
!NB All users who have access to the database will be able to edit, delete, and add new cards. These changes will be synced between all devices of all users.

The procedure for adding an extra database to a new user is described in the article Restore extra database from cloud.

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