Database operations

In this article: How to Configure cloud, Change password, Rename, Backup, Restore, and Delete a database.                                                                         


Each database in SafeInCloud has a set of basic operations. In order to proceed to operations with the database, go to the Databases section via Menu icon (3 vertical dots) > Settings > Databases (or click the current database icon in the main screen, then select Manage databases).

Then select the desired database from the list.

Then opened Database view will display basic information about the database: database name, database file name, cloud synchronization settings, and the time of the last synchronization.
Below the information, the available operations on the database are displayed.

There are the following operations:

Configure cloud – configures the synchronization with a cloud and other devices (see Cloud synchronization);

Sync – starts database synchronization with cloud; 

Rename database – renames the local database (and also creates a database with a new name in the cloud).
!NB During this operation, the database with the original name will not be deleted from the cloud. On all devices using the original database, the name of the database must be changed manually to the new one! Otherwise, the devices will synchronize with different database files;

Delete database – removes the base from the device.
!NB During this operation, the cloud database is not deleted and will continue to be available on other devices;

Change Password – changes the database password (see Password);

Backup – starts activity to backup your data to a file on your device (files are encrypted and password protected); 

Restore – starts activity to restore the database from a file; 

Share – allows you to share an encrypted database file.
!NB This operation does not provide access to a cloud database. For such an operation, use: Sharing extra databases.

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