How to fix Autofill in Chrome

In this article: How to disable battery optimization to fix Autofill in Chrome                     

1. General info

Autofill in Chrome might not work if your phone has an aggressive battery optimization. The phone kills SafeInCloud app after some period of time, which disables Autofill in Chrome. You should add SafeInCloud app as an exception for such optimization.


See below how to do this on several flavors of Android OS.

Additional advice and instructions for devices which are not listed can be found here:

2. Pure Android

(ex. Google Pixel)

1) From a Home screen, swipe up or down to access apps screen then navigate: Settings > Apps.

2) Tap the Menu icon  (upper-right) then tap Special access.

3) Tap Optimize battery usage.

4) Tap the Dropdown menu  (at the top) then tap All.

5) Tap the app switch to turn off.

6) Check if Settings > Apps & Notifications > SafeInCloud > Background restrictions or Background limits are not enabled for the app.

3. Samsung

1) Start Device care from phone settings

2) Tap Battery

3) Tap 3-dot menu >Settings

4) Disable all toggles (except Notifications)

5) Tap "Sleeping apps"

6) Remove SafeInCloud app using the trashcan icon

4. Xiaomi

1) Open Battery & Performance in Settings

2) Tap an icon in the top right corner

3) Open App battery saver

4) Select SafeInCloud app in the list

5) Select  "No restrictions"

6) Back to the main Settings menu and select Apps

7) Select  Manage apps

8) Select  SafeInCloud in the list

9) Activate Autostart option and go to Other permissions

10) Activate all available options in the shown menu

5. Huawei/Honor

1) Open Phone settings > Battery > App launch  (This feature may or may not be available for all devices or labeled differently)

2) Turn off Manage all automatically

3) Make sure to enable all toggles

6. OnePlus

1) Turn off System Settings > Apps > Gear Icon > Special Access > Battery Optimization

2) Turn off System settings > Battery > Battery optimization, switch to ‘All apps’ in top right menu > SafeInCloud > Don’t optimize

3) App Auto-Launch (on some OnePlus phones) essentially prevents apps from working in the background. Please disable it for SafeInCloud

4) Disable Deep optimization: System settings > Battery > Battery optimization > (three dots) > Advanced optimization

5) Activate Normal clear option in Recent app management

7. Meizu

1) Device Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery manager > Power plan set to Performance

2) Device Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Protected apps – check your app as Protected

3) Enable Device Settings > Apps > your app > Battery > Power-intensive prompt and Keep running after screen off


1) Pin your app to the recent apps screen

2) Enable your app in the app list inside the security app’s “startup manager” and “floating app list”

3) Turn off battery optimizations

4) Give the service a persistent notification to remain in the foreground