Initial setup

Welcome, Database setup, Password, Biometric login, Cloud sync, Autofill, Desktop app, Setup tutorial

Basic usage

Samples, Labels, Search, Adding data, Copying data, Templates, Settings

Cloud synchronization

Setup, Cloud database, Synchronization times, Synchronization mechanism, Synchronization status, Passwords mismatch, Troubleshooting

Side menu

How to navigate between labels in side menu


Settings, Security, Preferences, Erase data

Autofill in apps

Setup, Usage, Troubleshooting

Autofill in Chrome

Setup, Usage, Troubleshooting

How to fix Autofill in Chrome

How to disable battery optimization to fix Autofill in Chrome

Autofill credit cards

Intro, Setup, Usage, Troubleshooting


Setup, Enter password, Fast unlock, Change password, Troubleshooting

Biometrics: fingerprint, face unlock

Setup, Usage, Troubleshooting

Advanced usage

Copy to Notification panel, One-time passwords, Password generator, Password strength, Password history

Advanced usage, part 2

Card icons, Expiring cards, Templates, Archive cards, Card sharing, Multi-card operations

Sorting cards

How to sort cards

Custom labels

What is custom label, how to manage custom labels, usage

Compromised passwords

What is it and how to check your passwords in SafeInCloud


How to customize app appearance

Auto Backup

How to configure and use auto backup

Smartwatch (Wear OS)

Setup, Add card, Smartwatch, Troubleshooting

App for Google services-free devices

Is it possible to install SafeInCloud on the devices without Google services?

Create extra database

How to create extra database

Transfer data between databases

How to transfer data between databases

Restore extra database from cloud

How to restore extra database from cloud

Sharing extra databases

How to share extra database

Database operations

How to Configure cloud, Change password, Rename, Backup, Restore, and Delete a database

Purchase and restore Premium

How to purchase and restore Premium access, Activate family member license

Premium settings

Where to find Premium info, settings, and subscription management

Family management

How to check subscription status, add and delete members from the family group