Biometrics: fingerprint, face unlock

In this article: Setup, Usage, Troubleshooting.                                                                         

1. Setup


Depending on your device model and Android version you can also unlock SafeInCloud using biometric methods like fingerprints, retina, or face recognition. Configure the Biometric login via the app’s Settings > Security > Authentication.

You can choose between two Biometric methods
-    Always use fingerprints;
-    Use a default biometric method selected in the system to unlock the phone (fingerprints, retina, or face recognition).

Tip: The Require password every option will ask your master password once in a few days (to prevent you from forgetting the password and losing access to your data).

The biometrics should be configured in the phone’s Settings in advance.

The preferred biometric from the phone’s Settings will be used when you select the Default biometric method in the SafeInCloud settings.

2. Usage

Next time you open SafeInCloud, the configured biometric method will be activated.

Attention! Changing any of the phone’s security or biometry settings will disable the biometric login in SafeInCloud until you enter your password again.

For the Default biometric method, you will get a biometric popup dialog.

There is no popup dialog for the Fingerprint biometric method. You can see that the fingerprint sensor is activated by the fingerprint logo on the screen.

Attention! Remember your password even if you are using the Biometric login. If you forget the password, you will not be able to restore it and might lose access to your data.

3. Troubleshooting

If you cannot activate the Biometric login in the app’s Security settings, try one of the following steps:
-    Make sure that you have a Premium version of the app (see Purchase and restore Premium);
-    Try to restart the device;
-    Make sure that the selected biometric method is activated and fully configured in the phone’s Settings;
-    Try to disable and then reenable the desired biometric method in the phone’s Settings.

The Biometric login might not activate in the login view because of the following reasons:
-    Some phone’s security or biometry settings were changed. You have to enter your password again to reactivate the biometric login;
-    The initial 2-week trial period of the free app version is over. You should upgrade to Premium to continue using the biometric login.

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