Autofill credit cards

In this article: Setup, Usage, Troubleshooting.             

1. Setup and usage

Credit cards autofill is a feature to make it easier to fill out credit cards forms, e.g., in online stores, delivery services, etc. Credit cards autofill uses the same mechanisms as autofill in apps and browsers.

The setup procedure is identical as well and can be found in the following articles:

Usage basics are also the same and can be read out from the same articles, but should be applied for bank card forms instead of login forms.

!NB Autofill suggestions will be shown from all the existing SafeInCloud databases, including the extra ones. 


There are some limitations of this feature:

  • In case login and credit card forms are present on the same page, the login form will be down-prioritized for autofill
  • Autofill doesn't work for dropdown lists (more often can be found on date forms)
  • The name on the card can not be split into name and surname as required by some credit card forms

2. Troubleshooting

Recommendations for troubleshooting for the most common autofill issues can also be found in the following articles:

If some credit card does not appear as an autofill suggestion, start editing this card. Then press the Autofill (a magic wand) icon on the toolbar.

In the Autofill dialog, make sure that:
a.    the Use for Autofill checkbox is on; 
b.    the fields have correct autofill attributes: Card number, Name on card, Expiration date, Security code.

Our team appreciates your feedback on this feature to help us with improvements of the feature via email: