Smartwatch (Wear OS)

In this article: Setup, Add card, Smartwatch, Troubleshooting.                                                                         

1. Setup

First, you should have your Wear OS smartwatch connected to your phone.

Open the app’s Settings > Wear OS and enable Wear OS checkbox.

Press PIN code and set 4-digit code to access data on your smartwatch.

2. Add card

None of your existing cards are added to the smartwatch by default. You should manually add them.

To add a card to the smartwatch, open the card and press the Smartwatch button on the toolbar.

This card will be transferred to the smartwatch. It will also appear in the Watch label.

Tip: To remove a card from the smartwatch, open it and press the Smartwatch icon again.

3. Smartwatch

Start SafeInCloud on the smartwatch and enter your PIN code (if you set on in the app’s Android Wear settings).

You will see a list of added cards.

You can open any card to view its details right on the watch.

4. Troubleshooting

SafeInCloud app for Wear OS is installed automatically on your connected smartwatch. If this did not happen, open Google’s Play Store app on the smartwatch and select and select Apps on your phone. Install SafeInCloud from the app list.

If added cards do not appear on the smartwatch, try to 
-    Restart your phone and watch; 
-    Reestablish the connection between your phone and watch in Google’s Wear OS app;
-    Make sure that you have a Premium version. If the initial 2-week trial period of the free app version is over, then you should upgrade to Premium to continue using the smartwatch app. More info can be found in the Purchase and restore Premium article. 

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