How to restore data

In this article: How to restore your data on a phone and a computer.                                                                         

1. Install SafeInCloud

To restore your data on a new phone or computer, install the latest SafeInCloud version from

Attention! When installing SafeInCloud on Android or iOS, install the same version that you’ve purchased originally:
-    Family Pro with a red app icon (purchased from the store);
-    Individual Pro with a blue app icon (purchased from inside the app).

See more here: Android Pro versions and iOS Pro versions.

2. Restore cloud database

Start the app and select Restored a database from a cloud in the Setup wizard.

Specify the same cloud account that was used on your old phone or computer.

Your data will be restored from a cloud.

3. Troubleshooting

If you cannot remember which cloud account you used before, examine all your existing cloud accounts and see if there is a SafeInCloud database file.

Information about the cloud database location can be found here

Attention! Do not move or rename SafeInCloud.db file. The app won’t be able to find your cloud database then.

If you cannot remember your password for the restored cloud database, then you cannot access your data anyhow. The password is not stored anywhere and cannot be reset or restored.