One-time passwords

In this article: Setting and usage of one-time passwords.


Nowadays, almost all website services support Two-factor authentication (2FA). Such authentication requires a user’s password plus a one-time password (6- or 8-digit secure code), which can be sent to the user via a text message (SMS) or generated with a special authenticator application. SafeInCloud can be such an authenticator application that generates one-time passwords.

Create a new card with the Web account template, or open some of your existing cards and start the editing.

Then press the Add another field button and choose One-time password.

Now enable the two-factor authentication in your profile on a website. You will be given with one of two options:
-    QR code;
-    A multi group digital-letter code.

Copy this code into the one-time password field or press the QR Code button next to the field to scan the provided QR-code. For the last option, you might need to install Barcode Scanner app from Google Play Store:

Then press the Check icon on the toolbar to save the changes.

You will see the new one-time password field, which continuously generates security codes. They are valid for 30 seconds. Tap the field to copy the current code into the clipboard.