Restore extra database from cloud

In this article: How to restore an extra database from a cloud.                  


!NB Functionality described in the article is available only in SafeInCloud generation 2, but not in SafeInCloud original.

To restore an extra database on a new device (or add it to the device of a new family member or work colleague), select Tools>Manage Databases in the menu.

Then in the Databases tab of the Options dialog press the Restore from cloud button.

Then the app will ask you to select a cloud from where to restore the database. Choose the cloud and enter the cloud credentials.

After authorization in the cloud, a list of found extra databases will be displayed.

Select the database you want to restore.
Enter the password for the selected database.
After that, the selected database will appear in the Extra databases subsection.

Additionally, the password for the restored extra database will be saved in the main database.

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