In this article: Cloud sync, Security, Preferences, Autofill, Updates.                                                                         

1. Cloud sync

Setup the data synchronization with your cloud and your other devices and computers (see Cloud synchronization)

2. Security

Lock if computer locked – lock the app, when you signing off from your Windows account
Lock if window closed – lock the app, when its windows are closed, but still active in tray
Lock in background – lock the app after certain timeout, when you switch to another app
Auto-lock – timeout setting, to lock the app when you switch to another app

Fast unlock – unlock SafeInCloud with the 4 first or last symbols of your password (you’ll have only one attempt)

Empty clipboard after – clear the contents copied from SafeInCloud into the clipboard after certain timeout

Password attempts – erase all local data (not the data on a cloud or other devices) after certain number of wrong password attempts

Paranoid mode – in this mode all data is unloaded, when the app is locked. Fast unlock, Website icons and Autofill are also disabled

3. Preferences

Language – set app interface language 
Default label – a label to switch after entering SafeInCloud
Card's subtitle – what to show in card subtitles in the card list (labels or login)
Favorites at top – show favorite cards (with stars) at the top of the card list
Warn card expiring within – show warnings for cards expiring within certain period (to be recognized a card should have a field with an Expiry type)
Hide passwords – mask passwords (••••••) in the view mode
Auto-start when Windows starts – start the app automatically on Windows startup

Global search – the app automatically switches to All Cards, when you start the search
Search preview – what to show in card subtitles during the search (found text or card’s login)
Search through passwords – include passwords into the search

Weak passwords  – present a label that contains all cards with weak passwords
Same passwords  – present a label that contains all cards, which have the same passwords, but different website addresses
Expiring & Expired  – present two labels that respectively contain cards, which are expiring soon and already expired

Use website icons – download and assign a website icon (favicon) for each card that contains a website address
Clear cache – clear all download website icons and redownload them again

4. Autofill

Browser integration
Browser integration – links to download the browser extension for different type of browsers

Require password every – require entering your password in browser extension after certain timeout

5. Updates

Check for updates at startup – auto-check the latest available released version to be downloaded at startup
Download beta versions – auto-check the latest available beta version to be downloaded
Check for updates – manual check for the latest available version