In this article: Setup, Settings, Usage, Troubleshooting.                                                                          

1. Setup

You can configure autofill in browsers by installing the SafeInCloud extension.

Read the how to set up browser extension in the following article:

2. Settings

To open the autofill settings, select Options from toolbar or menu.

Browser integration
Browser integration – links to download the browser extension for different type of browsers

Require password every – require entering your password in browser extension after certain timeout
Login with Windows Hello – activate authentication using Windows Hello in browser extension

3. Usage

Read the how to use browser extension in the following article:

Tip: Some websites do not support the autofill mechanism yet. Their respective developers should implement autofill support first.

4. Troubleshooting

If the autofill failed on some website, make sure that you have a card for this website in SafeInCloud database and it has enabled the Use for Autofill checkbox. This card must have non-empty Login, Password and Website fields.

These fields should also have correct autofill attributes. They are usually assigned automatically, but you can check them by pressing the Autofill icon on the toolbar of the Edit Card window.