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In this article: How to navigate between labels in the side menu                                                                        


1. Labels and groups

For simplicity navigation between cards, you can use a list of groups on the left side of the main view.
Each group contains a list of labels

There are the following groups:

SafeInCloud – the most general labels;

Categories – cards filtered by the specific content;

Labels – custom labels;

Security – labels for cards with security doubts;

Special – special labels;

2. SafeInCloud

There are the following labels:

All cards – all cards saved in a database;

Favorites – cards that are marked as favorite in a database;

Recent – cards that were recently used/modified;

3. Categories

There are the following labels:

Passwords – cards that contain password field;

Credit cards – cards with a configured Credit card number, Name on card, and Expiration date as autofill attributes;

Notes – separate note cards;

Images – cards with attached images;

Files – cards with attached files;

Templates – empty blueprints (models) used for creating new cards;

4. Labels

This group contains all custom labels. Custom labels are kind of tags. Users can assign any number of them to a card. Users can also add, rename, configure and delete custom labels.

More details:

5. Security

There are the following labels:

Compromised Passwords – cards with passwords previously exposed in data breaches.
More details: ;

Weak passwords – cards with questionable password strength.
More details: ;

Same passwords – cards with identical passwords;

6. Special

There are the following labels:

Expiring – cards with a date field, where the date expires soon.
Certain period to show cards in this label can be configured in Options -> Preferences -> Interface -> Warn expiring cards within;

Expired – cards with a date field, where the date already expired;

Archived – all archived cards;

Trash – all deleted cards;