Create extra database

In this article: How to create an extra database.                  


!NB Functionality described in the article is available only in SafeInCloud generation 2, but not in SafeInCloud original.

In order to create an extra database, select Tools>Manage Databases in the menu.

Then in the Databases tab of the Options dialog press the New database button.

Enter a name for the new database. The database name can only contain letters, numbers and spaces.
!NB the specified database name will also be used in the name of the database file in the SafeInCloud(name).db format.

After setting the password, the new database will appear in the Extra databases subsection.
!NB The added database will not be synchronized automatically and needs to be configured by the user. Information on how to synchronize an extra database can be found in the article Database operations.

The new database will appear in the Select database menu.

Additionally, the password for the new extra database will be saved in the main database.

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