Family management

In this article: How to check subscription status, add and delete members from the family group.                                                                         


!NB Functional described in the article is available only in SafeInCloud generation 2 with active family Premium, but not in SafeInCloud original.
See information on how to get Premium access here: Purchase and restore Premium

By purchasing a Family subscription, the user has the option to share the license with up to 6 users. To share a license or edit a family group, go to Settings > Premium and then click on the Manage family section.

In this section user can add and remove users in family group.


Add member to Family group

To add a user to a family group, tap the Plus in the top right corner of the screen.

Then enter the email address of the new family group user. Using this email address, the user will be able to activate the license on his device (see details in Purchase and restore Premium).

After entering the email, it is possible to share a download link for the application, and the new user will appear in the list of the family group.


Delete member from Family group

To remove a member from the family group, swipe to the left the desired email address in the family group list.

Then confirm the action to delete the member by pressing Delete.

After confirmation, the member will be removed from the list of the family group, and the license from this member will be deleted as well.

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