In this article: Setup, Usage, Troubleshooting.                                                                                                          

1. Setup

Go to the phone’s Settings. Select Passwords > Password Options. Then turn AutoFill Passwords and Passkeys on and select SafeInCloud.

2. Usage

Next time you need to fill login and password in some application or in a browser, tap the input field to bring the keyboard. If you have a card for the website, you will see a suggestion.

If it matches, then tap it to autofill. To see other options for this website, press the Key icon on top of the keyboard.  If nothing matches, press SafeInCloud… and unlock it with Face/Touch ID or with the password.

!NB Autofill suggestions will be shown from all the existing SafeInCloud databases, including the extra ones. 


You will see a list of cards that match the current app or the web page.

If the desired card is not in this list, press the All Cards and find it there.

Tap the card and it will be used for the autofill.

3. Troubleshooting

Tip: Some apps might not support the autofill mechanism yet. Their respective developers should implement autofill support first.

If some card does not appear as an autofill suggestion, start editing this card. Then press the Autofill button.

In the Autofill dialog make sure that:
a.    the Use for Autofill checkbox is on; 
b.    the fields have correct autofill attributes: User name, Password, and Website.