How to fix cloud sync

In this article: How to setup the cloud synchronization with a cloud.                                                                         

Solution #1

If you have a problem with the cloud sync on some device or computer, try to 
-    Check the Internet connection;
-    Open the app’s Cloud Sync settings;
-    Switch the cloud sync to None;
-    Restart the device (optional);
-    Switch it back to your cloud and reauthenticate.

The problem might be on the cloud service’s side, then try again a few hours later. You may also try using another cloud instead.

Tip: To get more information about the problem select Show log from the menu.

Solution #2

If you have a problem syncing data between your devices and computers, then execute the following steps on all your devices:

-    Update SafeInCloud app to the latest version on all your devices;
-    Open the app’s Cloud Sync settings and switch the cloud sync to None on all your devices;
-    Make sure that SafeInCloud has the same password on all your devices;
-    Restart all your devices (optional);
-    Configure the same cloud account in the Cloud Sync settings on all your devices.

Tip: If you cannot login into SafeInCloud (“wrong password” error), enter any password 3 times and choose to Delete the local data. Then restore your data from a cloud.

Solution #3

In some rare case you might need to “refresh” your cloud database. Move the cloud database file (SafeInCloud.db) from its standard location to someplace else. 

Google Drive
File location: /SafeInCloud.db
Web address:

File location: /Apps/Safe In Cloud/SafeInCloud.db
Web address:

File location: /Apps/SafeInCloud Password Manager/SafeInCloud.db
Web address:

Then perform the sync from the app. This will recreate the cloud database.