What is the crack time for password

In this article: Password strength and its indication in SafeInCloud.

SafeInCloud estimates the strength of your passwords. You can see it in the password strength indicator under each password field. 

The crack time is an estimation of the time needed for a hacker to guess (brute force) your password. SafeInCloud uses the Zxcvbn estimation algorithm developed at Dropbox: https://tech.dropbox.com/2012/04/zxcvbn-realistic-password-strength-estimation/

You can see all your cards with weak passwords by switching the Weak Passwords label via the side menu.

These cards are also marked with red exclamation signs.

You can ensure password strength using the password generator feature. To use the password generator press the Key icon next to the password field while editing a card or Generate password in the menu.

More details on how to use the password generator can be found here:https://safeincloud.ladesk.com/126720-Advanced-usage