Advanced usage, part 2

In this article: Card icons, Expiring cards, Templates, Archive cards, Card sharing, Multi-card operations.                                                                         

1. Card icons


Each card has an icon that visually distinguishes it from other records. To change this icon, open a card and tap the icon.

Use website icon – The icon will be downloaded from a website, specified in this card. 

Note: This feature might not work for some websites, which do not provide a favicon.

Select symbol/color – You can select the icon from a predefined set of visuals and colors.

Use custom icon – You can select a file with a custom icon. It has to be up to 250x250 pixels maximum.

2. Expiring cards


SafeInCloud warns you about cards, which are expiring within a certain period of time. You can adjust this period via the app’s Settings > Preferences.

For this functionality to work, a card should have a field with the Expiry type.

You can see all the expiring and expired cards by selecting Expiring and Expired labels in the side menu. These cards are also marked with hourglass icon.

3. Templates


The templates in general are described here Basic usage

To create a new template, switch to the Templates label and press the Plus button in the bottom-right corner.

Alternatively, you can open any existing card and select Save as template from the menu to create a template similar to this card.

To restore the default templates, switch to the Templates label in the main view and select Restore templates from the menu.

4. Archive cards


Archived cards are located in the Archive label. These cards are not visible in the All Cards label. They are also excluded from the search.

To archive a card, open it and select Archive from the menu.

To unarchive a card, switch the Archive label in the main view. Then locate and open the card. Finally press the Unarchive icon on the toolbar.

5. Card sharing


To share card with another person, open a card and press the Share icon from the toolbar.

Then select an app to use for sharing, e.g. Gmail. Or you can select Copy to clipboard and paste the card’s info as text somewhere.

Attention! A shared card is not encrypted. Be careful when choosing the app through which you want to share.

6. Multi-card operations


To perform some operation (e.g. Delete) on several cards at once, press-and-hold a card in the main view. Then select other cards by just tapping them.

Now select a desired operation from the toolbar or from the menu.